Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Thank You Very Much

If there's one thing we love at Keepin' It Realtor, it's Larry the Cable Guy. He puts us into stitches. But there's one thing we hold even more dearly, and that my friends is...originality. Sorry, Minister Realty, but where we eat our brunch, "GIT-R-DONE" is called borrowed interest and we don't think there's anything "interesting" about that.
This is not even Merit worthy.

Big thanks to Geordie for sending this in so that other contributers can understand exactly where we set the bar.


Who among us can look at Marci Koifman's bus bench ad and not immediately think of Boris Spassky's Sicilian Defense against Bobby Fischer in Game 4 of the 1972 World Chess Championship? I know I can't. Not only does Marci's ad make ever-so-subtle references to The Match of the Century, it also happens to be pretty darn persuasive.  "Selling your home with a strategy for success!" Indeed! "It's your move!" It sure is! The visual of the pawn in hand (a la Spassky) AND the chess board lawn...Checkmate, Marci! Enjoy your new Gold Paint Brush.

Monday, November 3, 2008


There are times in your life where it really does seem as if the stars are aligned. For instance, I found both of these ads on the same day! Notice any similarities (beyond all the handsome looking people?)? They both have a little headline fun with the word "reality." But before we start passing around the Gold Paint Brushes around here, let's take that important second look. The Queens, nice as they might be, fail to seal the deal. Making "realty into a reality" is very, very memorable. No question. But unfortunately for the ladies, they've run into the legendary Scott Stren. He doesn't just settle for "reality." Scott drops the "i"-bomb (with helpful arrow) into "realty" to make sure his audience truly understands the pun. Genius. And gold.
Nice try, ladies. Bronze for each of you.


Lookout Darryl King, there's some new royalty in the kingdom and she's kickin' some real estate advertising a&@! Sorry about the sailor talk, but I get pretty worked up over great ideas and this is a great idea if I've ever seen one. Rose's play on words takes the art form itself to a whole new level. It's like we're the cats and Rose is the ball of string. But that ball of string keeps moving and moving around. In other words, she's playing with us. And man, are we ever enjoying the game. Too much!
Silver Paint Brush.