Tuesday, September 30, 2008


You may have noticed a HI-larious trend in Super Bowl advertising over the last ten years: talking animals. Irresistible. Well, obviously Brad J. Lamb has decided to jump on this clever little bandwagon and ride it right to the top of the condo sales mountain of success! Not only does he put a human head on a lamb, but it also happens to be HIS HEAD and his last name is LAMB! Get it? We sure do, Brad. And this touchdown of an ad gets you a Gold Paint Brush.

Big thanks to Leilah for submitting this piece of art.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


A cold, harsh reality for other creatives in the real estate field:
There is only one Bill Thom. Sorry, but you'll never come close.
Once you can get over that, it's best just to stand back and witness the master at work. The visual on the bus bench ad? It screams, "110% success." Clearly, Bill not only owns a cellular telephone but he's too busy and successful to lower it for the photo. The headline? Well, obviously Bill refused to hold back on this one. An unexpected "slashed out" maneuver that then ties back to a well-placed pun...oh my!
It's been said that Bill might understand the value of branding better than anyone in the business. That seems apparent with the deliberate extension of the "sole-d" device from the bus bench to the For Sale sign. And if people never see the bench and then have no idea what "sole-d" means? Too bad. Because this is Bill Thom's world, and we're just living in it. 
This integrated campaign has earned the coveted Titanium Paint Brush.


If you looked up the word "dedication" in the dictionary, you would probably find a picture of Daryl King. He's spent the last 17 years (wow!) trying to win his first major creative award. His previous headlines we're solid, but not quite Pant Brush-quality. Examples include, "I'm the Top Leader of Real Estate," "The President of Real Estate," and "The House Führer." Well, you've finally made it, Your Highness. Enjoy your Bronze Paint Brush.


Proudly standing at the crossroads of Buy St. and Sell Rd. (genius!), Ruth could have stopped right there and we would have said, "Congratulations, enjoy your Silver Paint Brush." But that's not Ruth, now is it? She dug deep into her bag of tricks and pulled out a bazooka shot of a pun with "House-SOLD." Ka-BLAM! It's a Gold!!


When people are looking for new homes, there are several things they want nearby: good schools, public transportation, and, of course, a great wings place. Everyone knows this, but John's the first guy to actually put it into an ad. And for that he receives a Gold Paint Brush.


Looks like someone also has a PhD in brilliant advertising.
Gold Paint Brush!


Anna has been at the top of the heap for years. Her bus bench ads are legendary within the real estate world and in mass advertising. That's why it came as somewhat of a surprise for me to see this ad. The headline reads, "The Art of Sold." The visual is comprised of musical notes. Obviously, there's a disconnect here. It's the red, white and blue background.


Few creatives will debate that David Manuel has pretty much written the "manual" on how to create award-winning real estate DM. When the so-called "experts" told David that he shouldn't put as many messages as possible onto one communication, he did just the opposite!
And when those same "experts" told David not to overdo it with his typefaces, he responded by increasing the word "Sold" by 12 points, all capping it and then adding an uppercase "S" to "sign," simply because he could. Then David went ahead (on the back side of the card) and showed why he's won six Gold Paint Brushes in the last twelve years...The Complimentary Evaluation Certificate. Most agents assume that their clients know that they don't need any kind of certificate for an evaluation. And that's exactly why David Manuel is not most agents. Guess that makes seven Gold Paint Brushes!


Many of you just read that headline and expected it
to end with the word, "gold." And that, friends, is precisely 
what separates Haskel from the common, every day
creatives. He also knew better than to add the expected
leprechaun image somewhere in the communication.
The tagline, "Just Honesty," ties it all up perfectly.
Haskel, mazel tov on your Silver Paint Brush.


The best headlines are based on real insights steeped
in good ol' fashioned research. Nicely done ReMax.
This ad is a triple. It would have been a home run were it
not condescending to people with artificial legs.
Bronze Paint Brush-time!


There is a point in every adult's life where they
suddenly realize they are completely alone
in the universe. For one brief moment this ad
made me feel otherwise. Bravo, Marie, bravo.

Gold Paint Brush Winner.