Saturday, September 27, 2008


Few creatives will debate that David Manuel has pretty much written the "manual" on how to create award-winning real estate DM. When the so-called "experts" told David that he shouldn't put as many messages as possible onto one communication, he did just the opposite!
And when those same "experts" told David not to overdo it with his typefaces, he responded by increasing the word "Sold" by 12 points, all capping it and then adding an uppercase "S" to "sign," simply because he could. Then David went ahead (on the back side of the card) and showed why he's won six Gold Paint Brushes in the last twelve years...The Complimentary Evaluation Certificate. Most agents assume that their clients know that they don't need any kind of certificate for an evaluation. And that's exactly why David Manuel is not most agents. Guess that makes seven Gold Paint Brushes!

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