Tuesday, September 30, 2008


You may have noticed a HI-larious trend in Super Bowl advertising over the last ten years: talking animals. Irresistible. Well, obviously Brad J. Lamb has decided to jump on this clever little bandwagon and ride it right to the top of the condo sales mountain of success! Not only does he put a human head on a lamb, but it also happens to be HIS HEAD and his last name is LAMB! Get it? We sure do, Brad. And this touchdown of an ad gets you a Gold Paint Brush.

Big thanks to Leilah for submitting this piece of art.


Andy said...

This made me think of lambskin condoms, which creeped me out.

The Cheap Fashionista said...

Excellent! Someone is finally taking note of these brilliant - and dare I say beautiful? - ads! Don't stop at outdoor ads though. The print ones in newspapers always light MY fire. Condos = female target = high heel shoe and a martini, or an evening dress. Ground breaking!

johnny c. said...

it's a pun on the title of a song by "Final Fantasy," an indie band led by a toronto-an violinist. fantastic band; still, it's a lazy ad.

JudgeJon said...

Turns out the song is based on the ad. Interesting.

No hope for the village, no hope for the village
There's a merchant in our midst and with a barrel fist
He's coloured every surface, he's slapped up a portrait
And yes, it is his own! He's gonna take your home!
Have you seen our visitor? Look! Over the treetops!
Newly conjured erections are making him a killing
And Richmond St. is illing, so the graduates are willing
To buy in to the pillage, now there is no hope for the village

Prisoners, be silent, be silent and be sharp

When he was a young man, he conjured up a firemare
And burnt off both his eyebrows and half a head of hair
And then as an apprentice, he took a Drowish mistress
Who bestowed upon his youthfulness a sense of Champagne Chic
Oh seduction, his seduction to the world of construction
Now his mind will start to wander when he's not at his computer
Now his massive genitals refuse to co-operate
And no amount of therapy can hope to save his marriage

Prisoners, be silent, be silent and be sharp
Can you hear them talking? Listen through the wall:

Nothing to do, nothing to do
Living rent-free is boring me
Got no use for my PE Degree
Got no use for my pedigree

I feed you every morning and ask so little
Hedi Slimane
But you belittle all the work that I do
And Agnes B
When you take that walk without permission
I'm not content
I'm not defensive, I'm just saying this cause I love you
I'm not content
You know I hate it when your friends are in the pool
Donna Karan
Old money stinks, send those faggots back to Forest Hill
And Kara Saun
Contentment? What contentment? I am bald and impotent
I'm not content
Is that what it's about? Oh honey, honey, shut your mouth
I'm not content

Nevermore said...

Amazing. And wonderful lyrics, too. I'm a creative director whose wife used to be in real estate. I always thought there was an opportunity to do great real estate creative, but I never knew how hard it was. It was probably because of the bad ads I did for her that she's no longer in the field. I wasn't skilled enough to master the pun like the masters on your site. Thank you for recognizing them, and for helping me to know my place.

張玫 said...

love your blog!!