Saturday, September 27, 2008


A cold, harsh reality for other creatives in the real estate field:
There is only one Bill Thom. Sorry, but you'll never come close.
Once you can get over that, it's best just to stand back and witness the master at work. The visual on the bus bench ad? It screams, "110% success." Clearly, Bill not only owns a cellular telephone but he's too busy and successful to lower it for the photo. The headline? Well, obviously Bill refused to hold back on this one. An unexpected "slashed out" maneuver that then ties back to a well-placed pun...oh my!
It's been said that Bill might understand the value of branding better than anyone in the business. That seems apparent with the deliberate extension of the "sole-d" device from the bus bench to the For Sale sign. And if people never see the bench and then have no idea what "sole-d" means? Too bad. Because this is Bill Thom's world, and we're just living in it. 
This integrated campaign has earned the coveted Titanium Paint Brush.

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AgentL said...

I live in the neighbourhood that Bill Thom operates and I can tell you it works!

He should quit the Real Estate game and move straight to Madison Ave!