Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Who among us can look at Marci Koifman's bus bench ad and not immediately think of Boris Spassky's Sicilian Defense against Bobby Fischer in Game 4 of the 1972 World Chess Championship? I know I can't. Not only does Marci's ad make ever-so-subtle references to The Match of the Century, it also happens to be pretty darn persuasive.  "Selling your home with a strategy for success!" Indeed! "It's your move!" It sure is! The visual of the pawn in hand (a la Spassky) AND the chess board lawn...Checkmate, Marci! Enjoy your new Gold Paint Brush.


Urban Poet said...

Um, she's not holding a pawn, it's a Rook. I only mention this because a Rook is otherwise known as a Castle.

Bam! A visual pun. Not sure if this impacts on your award judging, but I thought I best raise it.

Keep on keepin' it real.

JudgeJon said...

Thank you for the correction Urban Poet. We strive for perfection at Keepin' It Realtor and because of observant people like you, we're getting a little bit closer to that goal!